Councillors & Staff

The Parish covers 4 wards:

  1. Choppington
  2. Stakeford
  3. West Sleekburn
  4. Old Redrow

Your representatives on the Parish Council:

Councillor Hilary Allsopp

Councillor Amanda Barrell

Vice Chairman of Council:   Chairman Finance

Councillor Julie Foster

Chairman Allotments

Councillor Keith Grimes

Councillor Graham Huntley

Chairman Community Development and Environment

Councillor Arthur Iley

Councillor Jackie Rowell

Councillor Paul Vaughan

Chairman of Council:   Chairman Staffing and Policy

Councillor Lynne Watson

All Councillors are members of all Committees

Council Officers:

Parish Clerk:   David Nicholson

Deputy Parish Clerk:  Angela Brindley

Finance and Admin Officer: David Iley

Community Development Officer:  Caroline Ball