Choppington Parish Council is a Community Council, unique in Northumberland as the only large local Council where the services provided by the Parish Council and the level of local taxation (Parish precept) are decided by local residents.

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New Councillor for West Sleekburn

Parish Councillors give warm welcome to newly co-opted member Kath Burn.    

Chairman's News

Annual Assembly Report from Chairman Cllr Paul S Vaughan

This year’s report is a mixed bag of achievement, consultation and significant progress in some areas tinged with a little disappointment.  Local Improvements The Council has completed the bus shelter programme.  Since the creation of the Parish Council all our 33 bus shelters have been renewed or


How local residents determine our local taxation

In October each year a questionnaire is distributed to every household. These responses including other responses gathered from locality meetings are reported to the Residents Panel in November. The Panel uses these to give direction to the Parish Council on the priorities for the next year. The Parish Council costs these proposals. These costs are reported back to the Residents Panel in January. The Residents Panel examines the budget and agrees the Parish precept for the year. It then looks one year ahead and sets performance targets and spending guidelines which must be taken into account when they meet again in the Autumn.

We would like to express our thanks to our Residents Panel for the work they do and the contribution they make to the area. Over the last 6 years the Residents Panel has become a driving force for change and improvement in the Parish.

Membership of the panel is open to all if you would like to more about the Panel please contact David Nicholson, Parish Clerk on 01670 858664 or email

Chairman Cllr Paul Vaughan