Lets get busy again


The May election brought a change to our Council, with a new Councillor Aaron Hart elected for the Choppington Ward.  He lives and runs a business in Guide Post and in common with us all on the Council shares the same strong commitment to the area.   I must also thank his predecessor Amanda Barrell for her great contribution to the Council over 2 terms of office.  I am pleased to say she is not deserting us, she is keen to continue contributing to Choppington through her participation in the residents forum and we look forward to seeing her again.

During the school summer holidays we were able to restart the holiday play sessions.  Covid restrictions had meant that we had been unable to run them throughout 2020.  Although we could not put the mobile football court out because of the difficulties of sanitising it, football sessions were run without it at Eastgate, Pastures field, and a new venue at Sheepwash Bank.  As an alternative to ball games, other sessions were available at Stakeford and Bomarsund Welfare including, circus skills, crafts, and pottery.

We joined with West Sleekburn Village Hall for a family fun day during the bank holiday weekend in August and for once the sun shone.  The Village Hall had just started gaining a presence in West Sleekburn when the pandemic struck and it had to close, so it was so good to see the grounds and building alive with so many people again.

West Sleekburn Village Hall Trustees have been knocking on doors to ask residents in West Sleekburn and the near Milburn Grange what they would like to see going on at the Village Hall and so have a long list of possible activities.  They now would like to see more people involved as volunteers to run these activities, so if you would like to help please contact the Parish Council and we will pass the names on.

Once the summer holidays were over, we started on the refurbishment of the play area at Eastgreen.  The Parish Council is responsible play areas in our Parish (excluding the one at Cleaswell Park) and we are gradually refurbishing each one of them.   This one is overdue a face lift, it was very well used in the past and we hope that the children at Eastgreen will enjoy playing there for a very long time.

At last it feels as if we have emerged from the pandemic and so grateful that we can continue the work.


Cllr Paul Vaughan