Community Development and Environment Committee 1 November 2023



Members present:

Cllr K Burn

Cllr A Hart

Cllr G Huntley (Chairman)

Cllr A Iley

Cllr J Rowell

Cllr P S Vaughan

Cllr L Watson

In attendance:

Ms A Brindley Parish Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer, David Nicholson DPC, David Iley FAO.


 Apologies were received from Cllr H Allsop (leave), and Cllr J Foster (Childcare) which members accepted as a valid reason


CD&E 023/23     2.  MEMBERS’ DECLARATION OF DISCLOSABLE                                                                               PECUNIARY AND OTHER REGISTERABLE INTEREST(S).

None were received

CD&E 024/23     3.   PUBLIC QUESTIONS.

The parish clerk reported no questions had been received.


CD&E 025/23     4.   TO RECEIVE AND AGREE AS A TRUE RECORD                                                                             THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 6 SEPTEMBER 2023

The minutes were received and accepted as a true record of the  meeting.


CD&E 026/23      5.   TO CONSIDER MATTERS ARISING FROM THOSE  MINUTES                                                NOT ALREADY ON THE AGENDA.

There were no matters arising


In the absence of an attending officer a written report was presented to members.  Members continued to be concerned at the non-attendance of police to the meeting.

Members had wished to register their concern at the increase in vehicle accidents along Stakeford Lane.



i.        Street by street engagement and Neighbourhood Plan.  Most residents do not come into direct contact with the Parish Council, this initiative will bring the Parish Council into their own streets.  The aim will be to give residents greater information about the role and work of the Parish Council and identify local priorities for the Neighbourhood Plan.

RESOLVED.  Delegated responsibility for the   organisation of these events is given to the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish.  Councillors to return to the next meeting with suggestions of streets to visit.

CD&E 029/23      8.   TO RECEIVE A VERBAL UPDATE FROM THE PARISH CLERK                                          ON CURRENT ISSUES INCLUDING:

  1. Trees and Green areas. The Deputy Parish Clerk reported the boarded walks in Butlers Wood required a non-slip surface treatment. We have been out with Countryside officers who made some suggestion about the correct non slip surface   The walkways however have had public approval but there continues to be a problem with drainage along a section on the riverside pathway which requires a gulley to divert the water away from running over the path.
  2. The parish Clerk has had a site visit to the steps to the river from Welbeck Road with the Countryside Officers.
  3. Leaves on the riverside pathways can be slippery. The Parish Council has started an initiative with the local services team to use a leaf blower to clear leaves.
  4. The Deputy Parish Clerk reported that there is a regional bid for the Estuary area which will include the Riverside Park and Bark Woods.
  5. Festive lighting. The repairs and checks to the Parish Council’s festive lighting will be concluded on Friday 17th The lights are usually switched on the following week.
  6.  Cleaswell Park. The capital funding from NCC has been approved.  The Parish is still seeking additional funding from other grant providers to offset the Parish investment of up to £100K.  The Parish also has the year-on-year maintenance cost, so it is important that the design is as maintenance free as possible.  The recent flooding of the park is another consideration, and the Parish is having discussions with NCCs project manager about sculpting the waste from the redevelopment to form a bund around the park.
  7. SE Northumberland Parish and Town Forum. The Chairman and Parish Clerk had attended the inaugural meeting of this group at Ashington Town Council.  It is to meet every two months and hopes to share good practice.  This first meeting discussed, Allotments CCTV and contracts with Northumberland County Council.
  8. Choppington Primary School. The Parish Clerk and Deputy had attended Choppington Primary School. The new head confirmed that the MUGA was still going ahead but they had experienced difficulties at the planning stage.  The Parish Council had given a grant towards the MUGA on the understanding that it was completed in a timeframe that has now expired.  He has written to the Parish Council to request a 2-year extension period to the repayment of the grant.  The community group Choppington Together is not active, and the school is providing local community activities through HAF funding.  That the school is maintaining these activities until Choppington Together regroups a great help to the community.
  • RESOLVED: That the Parish Council agree the extension and that regular communication is maintained with school for an open offer of assistance.


The Parish Clerk was thanked for a comprehensive and informative report.

Agenda, Part 2.

Members resolved that in consideration of standing order 3 and because of their special and confidential nature, the following items require discussion in the absence of press and public.

There being no further matters requiring consideration the meeting concluded at 7.20pm