Minutes of the Allotment Committee on 26th April 2023


 Members present:

Cllr K Burn

Cllr J Foster, (Chairman)

Cllr A Iley

Cllr J Rowell

Cllr P S Vaughan

Cllr L Watson

In attendance:

Mrs A Brindley Parish Clerk, Mr D L Nicholson (DPC), Mr D Iley FO and 9 members of the public


A001/22         1.         APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE


Apologies were received from Cllr H Allsopp and Cllr G Huntley (family commitments) The meeting agreed that these were proper reasons for absence.






None declared


A003/22         3.         TO RECEIVE THE MINUTES OF THE 25 APRIL 2022

The meeting agreed the minutes represented a true record of the meeting, authorising they be signed as such by the Chairman and placed in the public domain.


A004/22        4.         MATTERS ARISING

                                    There were no matters arising.


A005/22        5.        APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN FOR 2022/23

                                    Cllr J Foster being the sole nominee was appointed to serve as Chair for the council year 2022/23


A005/21                     A006/22        6.         APPOINTMENT OF VICE CHAIR FOR 2022/23.

Cllr K Burn being the sole nominee was appointed to serve as Vice Chair for the council year 2022/23


A007/22         7.         PUBLIC QUESTIONS

There were not any non allotment related questions from the public



A008/22         8.         TENANT OPEN FORUM



A009/22         9.         TENANTS OPEN FORUM


                                    Issues discussed:

  1. Vacant allotment plots

There are currently 6 vacant plots, officers are meeting with new tenants to discuss plans to encourage quicker cultivation.


  1. New timetable for rental period

The suggestion to move the invoicing year to January to December was agreed.  The invoices for 2024 will reflect the shorter year.  This change will give new tenants the time to prepare plot for new season.


  • Unauthorised access to site

Concerns remain regarding unauthorised access to the site through unlocked gates.  Members were concerned that tenants should feel safe on site and asked that they bring to the attention of staff including providing time and dates anyone who is not locking the gate.

It was agreed that the Parish Clerk should write out to all tenants to reinforce this. Tenants have to look out for each other and by not locking the gate they are putting other people at risk.  If tenants are willing to provide evidence of tenants not locking the gate, the offenders will be evicted.


  1. Fence alongside ditch by willows

Tenants advised the meeting that the perimeter fence alongside he willows side is subsiding because of proximity to the ditch.  Officers had looked at this after the previous meeting and noted it was leaning but was still firm.


  1. Access to willow field

The meeting brought to attention that the latch into the willows field has been sawn off.  There is now open access to the field.



  1. Access road to main gate

Vehicular access to the allotment site is over an unadopted stretch of road.  The condition of this road continues to cause concern. The Parish Council is not responsible for the upkeep of this road but is exploring the best option to purchase filings and have it laid.



  1. The Parish Clerk to bring into tenancy the 6 vacant plots as soon as possible
  2. To invoice in December 2023
  3. To contact Northumberland County Council regarding the willows encroachment into the drainage system and the access to the willow field
  4. To write to all tenants regarding the locking of gates




The meeting closed at 19.45, at the conclusion of this item, there being no further business to be transacted.





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