Thank you

Thank You to All

When we moved into lockdown in March this year, we could not imagine that we would be still under restrictions in December. It has been a year of adversity, but one where we have relied on the support of each other in our community.   We would like to thank those friends, relatives, and neighbours who, in normal times, work almost invisibly, but this year stepped up to continue to provide the services we needed: Those in the NHS and care workers, who saw the worst of the virus, our network of shopworkers, those in the County Council and our Local Services team who continued their presence on our streets, our schools, our chemists, and our religious community.


We would like to thank the voluntary sector. Communities Together from a standing start in March directed charities and volunteers to where they were needed, supported those in our community who were shielding, organised a 24/7 telephone help line and continue with this work today.   When Choppington Parish Council asked for your help we had over 50 volunteers that we made available to Communities Together.  Foodbanks continued as a door-to-door service, and even when some foods were scare in our shops, they received more donations than ever before.


Lastly and most importantly our thanks to our good neighbours. Streets looked after each other, you did shopping trips, baking, zoom chats, quizzes and bingo online, you kept us together.