Week 30 April

This month the sun came out at last and the grass cutting could commence. We also started the sowing of wild flower seeds along the tree line between Westbourne Avenue and Bankside Walk. I am looking forward to seeing the display of colour later in the summer. Of course, the sun has also encouraged weeds. We have noticed the beginning of some unwelcome activity along road gutters and walls. We do enhanced spraying during the year which keeps most at bay, and we will continue to monitor those areas we know are resistant.

This month saw the start of the girls ‘wildcat’ football coaching sessions at Stakeford and Bomarsund Welfare Centre. The Parish is sponsoring these sessions as part of our youth programme. They are open to girls in the Parish aged 5yrs-11yrs. Its not too late to join just turn up on Friday at 5.30pm at the Welfare and have some fun.

Similarly, we continue our search for walking footballers as part of our older persons activities. We would love to put on a regular walking football session but so far only a handful of footballers have signed up for the coaching. We need a few more names before the Friday mornings sessions are viable. If a Charlton can do it so can you! UK England Sussex