Week 5th November

Our Neighbourhood Plan – Please complete the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire delivered next week.

Neighbourhood Plans are legal planning documents that give strength to local communities; a document which must be ‘taken into account’ by the planning authority when considering planning applications.

By developing a neighbourhood plan we will be better able to protect our green spaces and the interests of local residents.

The planning system is heavily weighted towards the developer and it is becoming harder for communities to control housing and industrial development. Our Neighbourhood Plan will be a recognition that there are areas of value to local people that should be ‘protected’. It will also seek to identify other areas that are appropriate for housing.

Coming through your door next week is a questionnaire which we ask you to complete as the first step in shaping this area’s Neighbourhood Plan.

In coming months we will be holding local meetings to firm up the results of the questionnaire. We then produce a draft plan that goes out to the public for approval.

If you are interested in becoming more involved please get in touch with the office. The more people who are involved the better and stronger our plan will be.