Community Engagement

, Community Engagement

Community engagement works at its best when council and community have the ambition to improve and evolve.   Sometimes the council leads a process, asking for input from the community and at other times the impetus for change comes from residents with the support of the council.

We do rely on the observations, suggestions and enthusiasms of people and we regularly ask you what we can do to best improve this area.  In one instance, the restoration of the pit tubs in our area began with an email from a resident wishing to save a piece of our heritage.  The Council was pleased to support the campaign and has reinstated the refurbished tubs.

There is a lot of hidden community activity in the area and this Council would like to acknowledge the people who are good neighbours.   These are residents who do the unseen things such as picking up a discarded piece of litter, to those who organise weekly community activities.  By being active in the community these people are improving the lives of all who live here.