Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

This is a legal document which must be ‘taken into account’ by the planning authority when considering planning applications. The plan is being prepared by Choppington Parish Council and for it to be successful it must reflect the views of local people throughout the area.

Our plan will concentrate on green space and how land is used.

Housing development

We need your help to identify areas where new housing is acceptable as well as areas where it is considered inappropriate.

In recent years, every significant housing application has been opposed by those residents living closest and most affected by the development. It is fair to say that most of these property developments have been on farming land rather than brown field/industrial sites. Despite local opposition, it is usual for permission to be granted.

The Parish Council is committed to the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan to give a voice to residents about development in each neighbourhood.

What happens next

Neighbourhood Plans have to demonstrate they reflect the wishes of the community – which is ultimately tested by a local referendum.

Our 3 step approach is:

    1. To gain views through the questionnaire that is going out to all houses.
    2. To follow up this with local public meetings.
    3. To feed views into the ‘draft plan’ which is presented to local residents for approval through referendum.

It is quite a lengthy process and a grant is available to help fund it.