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Our Environment

We are so fortunate that our area has lots of open and wooded areas that we can enjoy.  The Parish Council works with Northumberland County Council to look after these areas.  We have a dedicated team that works to cut our grass, control weeds, clears paths, plants in flower beds, litter picks and generally is concerned with open and green spaces.

We also look at the environment of our built up areas in the Parish, providing litter bins, flower towers, bus shelters and public seating.

ServicesChoppington Parish CouncilNorthumberland County Council
Which council do you contact?
Advice surgeries
County Councillor Stakeford Julie Foster NCC
County Councillor Choppington Dave Ledger NCC
County Councillor Sleekburn Jeff Gobin NCC
Parish Council P
Allotments P
Cleaswell Park NCC
Community Information- small grants for local groups P NCC
Community Support for local groups P NCC
Dog Fouling – enforcement NCC
Environmental health NCC
Fly Tipping NCC
Local Services Team (Jointly provided fromNCC) P NCC
Bus Shelters P NCC
Floral Displays P NCC
Grass Cuttings P NCC
Litter bins P NCC
Litter Picking P NCC
Public Seating P NCC
Highways and footpaths NCC
Holiday Play P
Household waste removal NCC
Local sports provisions (pitches and training) P NCC
Parking and Enforcement NCC
Play areas excluding Cleaswell Park (Inspection,maintenance, replacement and repair) P
Rights of way

Riverside Park



Schools NCC
Social Services NCC
Street Lighting NCC
Supporting activities for older persons P NCC
War Memorials (Inspections, maintenance and repair) P
Youth activities P NCC